Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Loxsly CD Y'all

So, I noticed that Loxsly are playing the Mohawk Friday night. It's a CD release party for Tomorrow's Fossils. The songs you'll find below come from the bands previous release, Flashlights, which was a highly-acclaimed four song EP. Needless to say a new, full album from Losxly has a lot of Austinites waiting with baited-breath from Friday's show. It looks like tickets will be in the form of a cover at the door, which is generally $5-$10(ish). Also, it should be noted that this is an Outside show...sweet.

I always wonder about the people who bought those condos directly across from the Mohawk/Club Deville/Stubb's. Do they hate their lives due to noise? Or love their loves...due to bad-ass downtown access? But I digress, find out who else is on the bill after the jump...

Free Mp3's courtesy of, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Loxsly - Lamprey Eels

Free Mp3 ---> Loxsly - Virgin Isles

Corto Maltese are definitely a band to be on the look out for in '09. They've been getting some higher-profile Austin gigs as of late...oh yeah and their music's good too. Don't believe me? Ask the internets, these guys have been blogged about by way-cooler blogotrons3030's than me. Check it out, they kick ass...

Corto Maltese - Providence video via YouTube

Oh No! Oh My! are another wave-making band in town right now. They brand of lovely twee-pop has been delighting locals for a while now and they are now on the verge of stepping into a much bigger scene with their latest EP, Dmitrij Dmitrij. I think this might be my new, favorite song. I <3 it.

Oh No! Oh My! - I Painted Your House video via YouTube

Booher and the Turkeyz and TV Torso round out the bill Friday night but to be honest I don't really know much about them. I did notice that when you search "TV Torso" you do get some Sound Team results? Even if the other two bands are awful, which I highly doubt, it's still going to be a good show. Besides I'd venture to guess the other two acts are playing the inside stage during set changes for the outside stage. That's an uncomfirmed, and vicious, rumor though so tell all your friends. XOXO Gossip Girl.