Friday, May 15, 2009

Eulogies to Play the Parish Room

Eulogies - Eyes on the Prize video via YouTube

Did y'all know that Eulogies are going to be at the Parish Room on the 18th? Well they are damn it! Furthermore, in addition to the indie-rock stylings of Eulogies you can also catch the Dears as the opening act, as well as Great Northern. That's a pretty bad-ass bill if you ask me. Tickets are still available and will set you back about $15.

In even MORE exciting news you can catch Eulogies with the Dears and Great Northern for FREE!! That's right cheap-ass, you don't even have to pay to see Eulogies! Thanks to my friends over at +1 Media I've got two passes I'll be giving away Monday. The only thing I will tell you about the contest is it's Twitter related, so if you're not down with Twitter, I recommend you do a crash-course this weekend.

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The new record from Eulogies is available now, it came out in early April. It's called, Here Anonymous and you can get it on iTunes if you want. Oh yeah, you can also download a free Mp3 or two over here on their official site courtesy of Dangerbird Records. Here's another video or two for ya'. Are y'all psyched about this contest? I know I am.

Eulogies - One Man video via YouTube

I'm loving Eulogies y'all, I feel like there really isn't enough buzz for them yet. It helps that I'm letting y'all know but where the power-blogotron3030's at on this one?

the Dears - Money Babies video via YouTube

the Dears already have a bit of buzz going for them, but to be honest I'm holding out for the live show. I feel like their songs are going to sound a lot better after I see them performed live. Just sayin'.

Great Northern - Low is a Height video via YouTube

The whole time I was writing about Great Northern I was thinking about Northern State, which I thought was an awkward grouping but now it's all becoming clear.

Northern State - Better Already video via YouTube

Northern State is from Long Island (aka Strong Island)...explains everything riiiiiight?