Monday, May 18, 2009

Holy Fuck, Crocodiles!! Contest 4 Tonight 2!!

So I was at my friend's house last night and she was all, "Have you seen that Chrysler commercial with the Octopus Project song in it?" and I was all, "Are you sure it was the Octopus Project?" So we searched YouTube and couldn't find anything about it but then today I'm obsessing with Twitter because of the whole "TwitPic the Eulogies Poster at End of an Ear NOW!! To Win Passes To Tonight's Show thing, and I find out it was actually Holy Fuck. Who, coincidentally are playing a show next month with the Crocodiles.

Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen aka the Chrysler Commercial Song video via YouTube

My friend was thinking of this Octopus Project, which is obviously more appropriate for a truck commercial.

the Octopus Project - Truck video via YouTube

In Yvonne's defense, Truck may very well be in a car commercail as well.

This guy at work who's in the know told me I'm supposed to like Crocodiles and I believe him. I haven't heard their music yet though. But tickets for the Holy Fuck/Crocodiles show are a reasonable +/-$10.

Crocodiles - Neon Jesus video via YouTube

You can trust those in the know, they know.