Saturday, April 25, 2009

Do512 + the Boxing Lesson = Good Times

The other day I told you all about the show I saw at the Mohawk and how Ume stole the show. Well, I also mentioned how I wish I had seen more of the psychedlic histrionics of the Boxing Lesson. No fear people tonight is the night to catch a full-on performance from the Boxing Lesson with my friends over at the Do512 compound on South Lamar. The show is free with RSVP, unfortunatly the list is closed. Although something tells me if you're down with Twitter, you may be able to weasel your way into the show somehow.

the Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog video via YouTube

More from the Boxing Lesson after the jump...
The Boxing Lesson folks were kind enough to send along their latest album for me to hear. It's called, Wild Streaks & Windy Days and if you can imagine Syd Barret joining Black Sabath to make a New Waveish band then you're getting closer to the sort of sound you can expect from the Boxing Lesson. The twelve tracks run about an hour long and range in styles. You can hear some slow-bringing show-gazey tracks along side some beautiful psychedelic freak-out jams. But it's all anchored with really nice melodies and tight rhythm section. Check it out for yourself on iTunes.

the Boxing Lesson - Brighter video via YouTube

Pay attention other Austin bands 'cause the Boxing Lesson could teach you all a lesson about promotion. First of all they have a Wikipedia entry, which is key but they also have a YouTube channel. Get it other local bands? That's how you get blogs to promote you, give us some info, give us some content. Thanks Boxing Lesson :-).

the Boxing Lesson - Dance With Meow video via YouTube