Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Tuesday in Austin

Last week I mentioned how this Tuesday has a lot of good shows. Events that are so good, in fact, that if you're not already going you're gonna have to get scalped tickets.

The first thing I'm going to mention is Spoon at the Scoot Inn. That's right chalk up another coup for the folks over at Transmission for booking that show.

Spoon - I Summon You video via YouTube

Find out who else is in town and score free Mp3's after the jump...

Well, in addition to a Tuesday night Spoon show, you can catch My Bloody Valentine hot off the heals of Coachella at the Austin City Music Hall.

My Bloody Valentine - Realise video via YouTube

So you've got local indie-legends, or international genre-creating legends. Your pick. If that's not enough selection, there's still more! That's right you could also catch Dr. Dog at the Parish Room.

Free Mp3's courtesty of Dr. Dog Music, thanks.

Free Mp3 ---> Dr. Dog - California

Free Mp3 ---> Dr. Dog - Worst Trip

This is from their latest record, Fate and borrows from Paul McCartney AND David Bowie w/ just a twist of the Faces/Rod Stewart. How do you like that?

Dr. Dog - Hang On video via YouTube

That's not it kids, I'm not stopping at Dr. Dog although that's probably the show I would attend given the choices thus far. You can ALSO catch Ladytron:

Ladytron - Seventeen video via YouTube

With the Faint at Stubb's but that show is going on So leave already if you're gonna.

the Faint - Agenda Suicide video via YouTube

Lastly but not leastly you can catch one of my personal favorite, local bands. You've heard me mention them MANY times before but you can see Harlem at the Mohawk tonight too.

Harlem - Think I'm Thinkin' Bout video via YouTube