Monday, March 16, 2009

Rock the Rumors

I don't think this poster really offers any clues about the line-up for the Rock the Rabbit party Thursday night. But they just Tweeted this who knows?

Well we know for SURE that Kenan Bell is def in the opening slot for the party and you can hear his re-interpretation of Lily Allen's latest single, The Fear over at Black Book Magazine.

More rumors after the jump...

Austin 360 is Tweeting about the possibility that Kanye West is going to play the Fader Fort?!?

This no longer counts as a rumor, and you probably already know but...Metallica is going to play a show at Stubb's for some reason. Personally I couldn't care less about Metallica if I tried...still kind of pissed at Lars about the OG Napster. Do you think they sell WAY more records now that Napster is dead? Whatever you do, if you see Metallica make sure you don't tell Lars about BitTorrent.