Saturday, February 21, 2009

Warehouse Party, Eastside, Tonight

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That's right you can party at an east-warehouse till 3am tonight for $15 tonight, courtesy of Do512 and Vinyl Entertainment. What Made Milwaukee Famous will be headlining, along with The Story Of. You will also hear sets from some of Austin's finer DJ's including a set by Austin's own Octopus Project.

Speaking of the Octopus Project they are doing a "Visual Music" show at the Alamo Drafthouse this week, which should be a pretty cool show. I suspect if you're interested in that you better get your tickets like yesterday.

Free Mp3 ---> Octopus Project - I.O.I.O.
Free Mp3 ---> What Made Milwaukee Famous - Resistance Street

Video after the jump...

Before we get to the video may I direct you to some more free mp3s from the Octopus Project?

I'm pretty sure I posted this video like a year ago...actually I wasn't writing this a year ago, but in any case here's a video courtesy of Barsuk Records from What Made Milwaukee Famous:

What Made Milwaukee Famous - Sultan video via YouTube

Octopus Project - I Saw the Bright Shinies video via YouTube