Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MMJ's Evil Urges

A week or two ago I was looking over someone's shoulder as they checked out the album reviews in the Austin Chronicle, when I pointed to the new My Morning Jacket album review and said, "That's a good one." To which they responded, "Is it really?". This sort of threw me, I felt like being here in Austin it is generally accepted that My Morning Jacket are a kick-ass band. But apparently people are hating on the new album. I talked to a few more people who mentioned they were disappointed in the latest offering from the Kentucky roots-rockers.

Well now, the LP has been out over a month and I'm hoping some minds have been changed, so I want to know what you think of Evil Urges. Is it more of My Morning Jacket at their best? Or have they gone of the deep-end and alienated all of their fans. Personally I wasn't feeling the record on the first few listens, but I woke up one morning with the title track in my head and decided to play the album through and realized I love it.

Sure it's not your typical country-fried MMJ album, but it's not like they veered off into musical parts unknown. We do hear more of that lovely Jim James falsetto, they do hit points of 80's balladry and there are definitely many R&B moments on the disc. But I recommend you head on over to one of the Internet's hidden treasures, and listen to some MMJ bootlegs. These guys have a reputation for transcendant concert experiences. Don't believe me? Check out their set from Bonaroo 2006.

I've embedded a concert after the jump...

Did you already know about They are trying to catalog the whole freaking internet. How ridiculous is that? I recommend you browse their music database by band here. They have basically collected live shows from any artists that allow such things. So you can definitely find some buried treasures. Mainers, need I point you to the Rustic Overtones legendary show at the State Theater?

I want to hear your feedback on the new My Morning Jacket, so hit the

My Morning Jacket live @ Radio City Music Hall 06-08-2008

Rustic Overtones Live @ the State Theater May 11th, 2002

My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges + Interview live from Austin SXSW '08 via YouTube

By the way the guys are STILL out on tour, they'll be back here in Austin, in August. Check their MySpace for complete tour info.