Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kitties Play Emo's

This is sort of short notice, but I completely forgot to mention that local up-and-comers, Snafu Kitties, will be playing at Emo's tonight. Doors open at 8p, the show starts at 10p I expect Snafu Kitties will be the first band, so you might want to get there by 9:30ish.

Snafu Kitties have been in the studio, as of late, working a new album. Word from Pascal (the kitties drummer) is that they are playing some of the best stuff they've ever played. So expect a well-rehearsed set of piano-pop, indie rock with lots of waltz time :-) Look for me I'll be the guy in the plaid shirt, and skinny jeans drinking PBR...that's only funny if you've actually been to Emo's I suppose.

Rounding out the rest of the bill will be, other feline-themed band, Stephanie and Her Melodic Cat followed by Mr. Lewis and the Funeral 5. I'm not exactly sure how much, if anything, tickets will set you back but let's say less than or equal to $8. Oh yeah and this is all happening at Emo's Inside don't get all confused and end up at Emo's Lounge...unless you want to catch Flametrick Subs and/or Highrollers.

Hear the Snafu Kitties in all of their indie-pop glory courtesy of their online press kit.

Snafu Kitties - Mail Anthem
Snafu Kitties - Ham Can Shine

Couple more tracks and a last minute update after the jump.

Last minute update via text message, Pascal will be playing an hour-long set of thrash-core/punk at Red 7 with Reagan Era from 9-10, then running around the corner all warmed up to play with the Snafu Kitties at 10. DON'T FEED PASCAL SHOTS!!

Snafu Kitties - Champagne Jam
Snafu Kitties - Nerve