Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sturgill Simpson - The Promise

I discovered Sturgill Simpson earlier this year while I was putting together my SXSW 2014 Spotify playlist. Generally, I would have heard the classic country sound of his music and dismissed it as not for me but his song titles were so good it made me listen more closely. Simpson may sound like an old-school country dude and he is but he's an old-school country dude through a contemporary filter. He's cynical, he's familiar with psychotropics and his voice is like honey. If this dude's not on your radar, he probably should be.

Sturgill Simpson - The Promise video via YouTube

This brand-new video for The Promise is great but it doesn't really showcase what makes Sturgill Simpson a special snowflake in the world of country music. For that I'm going to take you a bit deeper to a track from his first LP. This performance was put together by My Old Kentucky Blog, who has been a champion of this artist for years already. Isn't it time you get on the Sturgill Simpson bandwagon?

Sturgill Simpson - You Can Have the Crown -> Some Days video via YouTube