Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Flesh Lights 7" Release Show

Hey remember me? I used to write a music blog, now I just send out the occasional tweet. What's new with you? JK, don't care. On the real though, I got a sweet new job downtown and I've been so obsessed with making salads to pack in my executive bag that I've abandon you. I still love you dear reader and I want you to know that there is a can't miss show happening at Beerland tomorrow evening. Put on your tight jeans, grab some cash for the door and perhaps some ear protection because it's gonna get noisy and you might get beer "spilled" on you. A new 7" from Austin's-own Flesh Lights is the main cause for celebration but each band on tomorrow night's line-up is worth your time and attention.

I'm new to team, The Dead Space but from now on I'm one of their most vocal supporters. Before their latest single appeared in my Soundcloud stream a week or two ago I had no frame of reference for this band, who has actually been playing Austin for several years. By the time the breakdown hit at about the 3 minute mark of Behind the Wall I was ready to build a shrine to this band. Tomorrow night will be my first time seeing them in a live setting and I suspect it's going to be even better then sitting at my computer listening to them via earbuds. The jury's still out on that one though.

Rounding out tomorrow night's bill at Beerland you'll find Ditch Witch and Xetas. I have not seen Ditch Witch play but I caught Xetas opening for Protomartyr a few weeks ago and they are pure energy. If you're used to indie-rock shows with self-conscious nerds who spend most of their set doing the 1000-yard stare, then you have to be at this show. This line-up is raucous, loud and everything else you want in a real rock 'n roll show.