Friday, April 11, 2014


Austin's-own Equals will celebrate the release of their debut LP this evening with a show at Empire Control Room. Tickets are still available online if you're a pay ahead kind or person but you can also pay at the door. Equals is an instrumental post-rock band that I am already a big fan of. If the first singles from the new LP are any indication, Tracts is definitely going to kick some serious ass.

Also joining tonight's album-release party will be Roger Sellers. Not only did Roger record vocals for the new Equals LP, he himself is celebrating his recent signing to Punctum Records. His performance this evening will feature a full-band.

As if that weren't enough, arrive early enough and you can even catch a set from Future Death. Their new LP is due out next month and the leading track already received a favorable review in Pitchfork.

I know there is always a lot going on tonight but I just wanted to make sure you considered this show. All of the bands on the bill are local, all of them have new material out now or in the near future and the projectors at the venue are really cool. So, just keep this event in mind this evening ok?