Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ACL Festival 2014: Line-Up Reveal

It's been over 24hrs since the Austin City Limits Festival line-up was revealed, which means tickets are on sale now. It also means we've all had some time to reflect on the line-up and form thoughtful opinions. Just kidding, we all formed snap judgements within moments of the announcement and now we are sticking to our guns on that. In a nutshell, I feel like this year's line-up is as exciting or more exciting than in previous years. Clearly, I'm a big hater in a general sense so I'm not really the target market for ACL Festival. If you want to sell-out a big-ass music festival you can't book a bunch of "cool" bands that assholes like me enjoy, at least not exclusively. You have to book bands that people who listen to the radio will be excited about. You have to book a band for the kids and a band for the people who brought those kids. You have to make Bob Schneider fans happy AND AVICII fans happy at the same time. So with that all in mind I'm going back to my original point which is, this year's line-up is good.

Bad Rabbits - Get Up and Go video via YouTube

For my purposes, I feel like a discussion of the headliners is mostly irrelevant. I'm "excited" to see Outkast but after the Coachella reviews I'm setting my expectations pretty low. I'm excited to see Beck and I'm hoping he headlines either Friday or Saturday so the CapMetro Bus System doesn't fuck me with their shitty Sunday night bus schedule. Now's the part where I just list bands I like who will be at ACL Fest this year:

I promised myself I wasn't going to do one of those things where I single out one of the acts and question their worthiness but can I just point out that Lana Del Rey is the 7th name on the list. We live in a world in which LDR gets higher billing than The Replacements. Just putting that out there. Also, I'm really hoping Belle & Sebastian has an aftershow.