Friday, December 13, 2013

Going Out This Weekend

If you're like me, you're just going to listen to the new Beyonce record until you have to go back to work on Monday, taking breaks to sleep. If you're feeling a bit more ambitious than that, there are several rock music events that could be worth leaving the couch for. Possibly.

Tonight Shivery Shakes celebrate the release of a new 7" with a show at The Owl. Arrive early enough to catch a set from Grape St.

Shivery Shakes - Stay Young video via YouTube

Saturday night you could re-watch this week's Nashville from your DVR or you could see Cat Power at Antone's but those are pretty much your only options. Also, if you don't go to this show they'll probably move Antone's again before the next show you want to see there.

Oh, you know what? Frightened Rabbit is in town Saturday night too. Both the Cat Power and Frightened Rabbit shows are solo gigs. You'll find Frightened Rabbit over at the Mohawk.

Sunday night I don't usually go out but Perfect Pussy will be at the Mohawk and I really want to check them out. All I really know about this band is that they are very buzzy, which is really all a hipster like me needs to know.

Perfect Pussy - 3 video via YouTube