Saturday, November 9, 2013

FunFunFun Fest 2013: Sunday

Alright y'all I'm going to keep this brief because I am on my way out the door. Below the break you'll see a huge list of almost everyone playing FunFunFun Fest on Sunday. My advice, see as much as you can. If you're moving from stage to stage you have to hear at least three songs or else it doesn't count. That's the rule. My three must see acts for Sunday are: XXYYXX, XXYYXX and XXYYXX. I'm bummed that The Julie Ruin are playing the same time as XXYYXXX because I want to see them too but that's life. I'll probably end up catching a couple of songs from them too.

XXYYXX - About You video via YouTube

The selection of Nites shows on Sunday are a bit thin but all you really need is Flesh Lights and The Impossibles and you have that so, enjoy.