Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Totally NOT ACL Fest: Part 1

ACL Festival starts this Friday for many people but for some of us it starts next week and for some others amongst us, it doesn't start at all. Intrigued? You should be because this post is all about all of that stuff that isn't ACL Fest (part 1).

Let's start with tonight, shall we? Sure it's only Wednesday and it really has nothing to do with ACL Fest but I still want to talk about the fact that Unknown Mortal Orchestra are playing the Mohawk tonight for $14. Also, while some intern is trying to hunt down 500 humidifiers for Lionel Richie's tent compound, the OBN III's will be rocking so hard you won't even be able to think about the government shutdown. OBN III's will hit Beerland's stage sometime before the bar closes. Expect this one to be packed to the gills, loud and one of the best rock and roll experiences in your recent life.

OBN III's - No Enemies video via YouTube


Tomorrow night is the, sort of, unofficial start to ACL Fest. Courtyard Hounds are playing the Continental, Queens of the Stone Age are taping a set for ACL TV and the official ACL Late Night Shows also start Thursday.

You know what else goes down on Thursday? Our friends over at Knuckle Rumbler are presenting Art Disaster no. 16. This event takes place at both Red 7 and Holy Mountain and will only cost you $5 at the door. It's even cheaper if you RSVP, $3 for access to over a dozen bands, in two venues, on one night.


Friday night has at least three highlight shows, some would say more. First of all The Helio Sequence and Menomena are touring together and they'll play the Mohawk. You can go for the cost of a $15 ticket. Buy one now because this show is going to sell-out at any moment. Both of these bands are fantastic, I would call this a double-headliner.

Just down the street at Beerland you can catch A Giant Dog. If you're coming from the Mohawk show, there should be more than enough time to catch all of The Helio Sequence and all of A Giant Dog's set as well.

Ty Segall will be back in Austin Friday night. It was only a month ago that he played the Mohawk but this time he is touring with Fuzz so don't expect to hear a set of Ty Segall songs at Red 7 Friday night. Expect a show from Fuzz with Ty Segall on the drums.


Saturday night I might head back to Red 7 for Black Milk on the outside stage and Houndmouth on the inside stage. Those are separate shows with separate tickets so if you're balling on a budget you might choose based on personal taste.

My other Saturday night highlight is gAyCL 2013. All you really need to know about this event is that it takes place at Cheer-Up Charlies and that it's really fun. To me this event is as much a party as it is a concert. You should only go if you want to have lots of fun Saturday night.


Sunday night, bitch please. I'm going to bed.