Sunday, October 13, 2013

ACL 2013: Buckshot Sunday Night

By now you're already aware that ACL Fest has disintegrated into a series of pop-up shows happening throughout the downtown area. Here's a quick rundown to help you keep things sorted out.

Atoms for Peace - Ingenue video via YouTube

  • Atoms For Peace | ACL Live
  • Franz Ferdinand | Infest
  • Divine Fits | Parish
  • Noah and the Whale | Empire Auto
  • The Lone Bellow w/Red Baraat | Belmont
  • The Mowglis with Smallpools | Lambert's
  • Lance Herbstrong | Amplified Austin

The biggest show of the night (so far) is Atoms for Peace at ACL-Live. It only costs $10 to get in but you can't get in. Basically, I went to a movie that started at 2:00pm without any knowledge of any pop-up shows. When I got out 1000 people were already lined-up for several blocks snaking around the W Hotel building. As I write this wristbands have been strapped to wrists, those people can "come back" at 8pm with a $10 bill and they'll get in the show. It's like that now.

HOWEVER, there is a positive upshot to Atoms for Peace doing their show in the same venue that ACL TV tapings happen because as it turns out, they are streaming tonight's set live! Keep an eye on the ACL Festival YouTube page.

Franz Ferdinand have a similar $10 ticket situation in a club whose name I hate so much I'm just going to call it, the space Antone's occupied most recently before their move to E. Riverside. If you're not reading this from a line with a wristband, you're already not getting in. It is all-ages though, which is worth noting I guess?

Let's talk about some shows I wish were going on. How about White Denim with Tame Impala at Emo's or MS MR at Antone's again? Is it weird that they're not using those spaces to anyone else? How about Neko Case at the Broken Spoke? Shuggie Otis in the Elephant Room? I know beggars can't be choosers but so far none of these pop-up shows have inspired me to do anything other than laundry, Homeland and Ben & Jerry's.

If we're being honest, I wish this scattershot demon child of ACL Fest is how the festival actually was. A ridiculous scavenger hunt where the prize is a special, intimate music moment in a club with a band. Oh, wait, we already have a festival like that...