Friday, September 6, 2013

Austinbloggy Recommends: Shows This Weekend

Alright, work is over for you 9-5ers and you want to get some beer and get some rock n roll. If this doesn't apply to you, move on, if it does here are some ideas for where you might want to head this weekend. I hate to admit it but my top show recommendations for this evening are on 6th street proper. Don't let the fog of Axe body spray and glitter deter you, you can still have a good time at venues on 6th least that's what the kids tell me. My top pick for tonight is Blackalicious at Flamingo Cantina. I will warn you that it is hot as balls inside Flamingo Cantina so dress appropriately. Also, Blackalicious is far to popular/well-known for this show to not sell-out. So, if you're interested you better get your shit together and get down there so you can post up early. Drinks are cheap, when in Rome order Red Stripe.

Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics (Live) video via YouTube

My number 2 pick for this evening might seem odd and/or controversial to which I say, lighten up bro it's just music. Cherub plays the Parish tonight. To be honest, I know very little of Cherub other than someone asked me my thoughts the other day, I checked out their(his?) stuff on Soundcloud and I like it. It's just pop but it's good pop and this is Gay Pride Weekend so sugary-pop confections are in order.

Tomorrow night, I want you to see Nakia's new electronic music project XBRMNT. They'll be premiering all new material with this new project, opening for Light Asylum. Tickets are only $10 and you can pay at the door. Arrive before 10pm to catch XBRMNT stay late for Light Asylum.

Are you sensing a theme here? I opened the post talking about rock n roll and all I've given you is dance music. Well, I'm sorry but like I said, it's Gay Pride Weekend and I want to dance! If you want to rock, you can see The FuckEmos at Hotel Vegas Sunday night. Otherwise, let's get down with Crystal Waters at Fiesta Gardens!

Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman(She's Homeless) video via YouTube