Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 Shows You Should Be At This Week

  1. Islands & Tigers at Red Eyed Fly
    Wednesday, July 17th

    All you need to know about Islands & Tigers is that they're from San Antonio and this EP they posted on Bandcamp kicks some power-pop ass.

  3. Crooks at Holy Mountain
    Friday, July 19th

    If you buy tickets to this show in advance they are $2 cheaper but I'm not sure what the service fees for buying online are like so you may want to risk it and just pay at the door. This shows is definitely worth seeing but I doubt it will sell out if you show up in a timely manner Friday night.

  5. Wild Child at Scoot Inn
    Saturday, July 20th

    Tickets to see Wild Child at the Scoot Inn are $8 if you buy them in advance or $10 at the door. The service fee for buying online makes them $9.43 though so I'd just bring a 10 spot if I were you.

  7. Grape St. at Holy Mountain
    Wednesday, July 17th

    Tonight's line-up is stacked with bad-ass local bands, the cover charge is very low and all of the proceeds benefit UT's student-run radio station. Also, if you haven't seen Grape St. live you're really missing out. Their messy, off-the-rails energy always makes for a lively and enjoyable experience. You can pick up their new record on vinyl at tonight's show and at our favorite local record shops, End of an Ear or Waterloo.

  9. The Couch at Holy Mountain
    Thursday, July 18th

    The Couch are the headliners for this Thursday night show at Holy Mountain but I really want to see Christy Hays and Western Youth too.

  11. Natural Child at Hotel Vegas
    Saturday, July 20th

    Best stoner-rock outfit in the game? Maybe so, maybe not? Come to Hotel Vegas Saturday night and form your own opinion.

  13. Wiretree at Lambert's
    Friday, July 19th

    Friday night's Wiretree show is a record release party. Pay the cover, buy the record, buy a drink be a hero for supporting your local scene.

  15. The Octopus Project at Waterloo Records.
    Monday, July 21st

    I'm not a die-hard fan of The Octopus Project but for one thing, Monday night's performance is free for another thing they are always a fantastic live band and lastly the new record really kicks ass.

  17. Rodrigo y Gabriella at ACL-Live
    Saturday, July 20th

    Tickets are in the $50 range for Saturday night's Rodrigo y Gabriella show but if you're a fan of the band it's worth the price of admission to hear them at ACL-Live.

  19. S U R V I V E at the Mohawk
    Thursday, July 18th

    All I really know about S U R V I V E is that they spell their name in all-caps with spaces and they are playing the Mohawk's inside stage tomorrow night. Also, I like their haunting vintage keyboard sounds. It's like the score from a really dark episode of Night Rider. Sold!

  21. Night Moves at the Mohawk
    Friday, July 19th

    There are a lot of "night" bands out there right now. This is one of them worth paying attention to. This is an indoor show at the Mohawk taking place Friday night with Lord Buffalo opening.

  23. The Psychedelic Furs at Antone's
    Thursday, July 18th

    Tickets to see The Psychedelic Furs Thursday night have sold-out so, if you don't already have tickets you're options are thin.

  24. New Order at Austin Music Hall
    Friday, July 19th

    I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is that New Order is playing Austin. The bad news is that they're playing at Austin Music Hall. I have more bad news, the show is sold-out. I have more good news, if you didn't buy a ticket you don't have to have an Austin Music Hall experience. In news neither bad nor good, I LOVE Holy Ghost! and that's who's opening for New Order Friday night at AMH.


  26. CSS at Emo's
    Thursday, July 18th

    If you don't have fun at a CSS show, that's on you. That's your bad. Something's not right in your life and that's ok but you can't blame CSS because they brought the motherfucking fun. Not to mention Austin's-own FEATHERS is opening. Be there Thursday night.


  28. Saint Motel at Red 7
    Friday, July 19th

    What can I say? I'm just a complete and total sucker for music like this? Maybe this wouldn't be your number 1 show this week and I'm ok with that if you are. If you're like me and you love indie-pop then we should hang out at Red 7's Saint Motel show Friday night. Tickets are only $8 and Saint Motel share the bill with Moonlight Gram and Holiday.