Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shows You Can Still Get Tickets For

I was all caught-up in my post-Austin Psych Fest haze and I completely missed some great shows this week. I don't want you to get caught in the same Bermuda Triangle so, here's some shows happening this week that you can and should get tickets for. Metric plays Stubb's tonight but that shit's sold-the-fuck-out so I guess we can just breeze on by that one. Somehow, tickets to see Charles Bradley at the new Antone's on E. Riverside are still available. I honestly thought this show would have sold-out a long time ago but I guess the Mom-Jeans crowd isn't going out on a school night and the hipster-mafia will be at the Stubb's show. Speaking of Mom-Jeans, Jewel is on tour and she hits ACL Live at the Moody Theater this evening. Color me surprised, there are still tickets available for that show. Dreams last for so long but Jewel's career as a successful artist is another story altogether. If it were my money, I'd be spending it on Charles Bradley tonight.

Charles Bradley - Strictly Reserved For You video via YouTube

Thursday night you can rest your body and your wallet. Of course there are shows happening and there may even be some that are worthwhile but some of us have jobs so, let's just reconvene on Friday shall we?

Friday night's Yo La Tengo show at the Mohawk is sold-the-fuck-out BUT you can catch a free in-store, acoustic performance Friday afternoon at End of an Ear. They'll play host to this legendary band at 2:30pm, get there early if you expect to get in the door.

If you didn't get Yo La Tengo tickets for Friday night, you can still see Akron/Family or Turqoise Jeep at Red 7. Although, if I'm being honest I don't understand why people spend money on Turqoise Jeep but I know they do. In fact tickets for Turqoise Jeep are more than tickets for Akron/Family, which confuses and angers me.

Marnie Stern plays Holy Mountain Friday night as well. This show is my top suggestion if you want to see a touring act on Friday night and you don't have Yo La Tengo tickets. Is that too many caveats?

My top pick if you want to see a local show Friday night is The Calm Blue Sea with Air Review at the Parish.

There's a bunch of shit going down Saturday night but it's all about Shabazz Palaces with THEESatisfaction at Red 7. Tickets are only $12 if you buy them today and you will get to see two of the ONLY hip-hop acts that matter right now. A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and Danny Brown are great but they make music for dummies compared to Shabazz Palaces. If you're not at this show, we're not friends anymore.

Shabazz Palaces - Swerve video via YouTube

Now that I have that hyperbole out of they way, if hip-hop's not your thing or you don't care about what matters to people like me, I suggest you go to the Belmont for Ola Podrida'a LP release show. Just be sure to leave as soon as Ola Podrida's done or you'll be subjected to Trail of Dead and no one wants that. Ok, that was mean about Trail of Dead but firing your band several times over and continuing to perform under the same moniker is also mean and let's be honest Another Morning Stoner was a LOOOONG time ago.