Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beach Fossils at Red 7 Tonight

If your band is signed to Captured Tracks records, you can just assume I'm going to like your music. When bands who are signed to Captured Tracks play a club show in your town, you need to be there. It's Wednesday night, which means it's your last night this week to park downtown at night without paying a parking meter (don't follow leaders). It also means Beach Fossils are playing Red 7 for $12 tonight. I feel like we should get ourselves some tickets and get lost in some dreamy, reverb-soaked paradise tonight.

Beach Fossils - Generational Synthetic video via YouTube

Arrive early enough to this event to catch Foreign Mothers' support set. Not only are they a kick-ass band, watching their performance will help you increase your 'supports the local scene' reputation, which is huge in this town. Foreign Mother' latest LP Duh made my Best Austin LPs of 2012 list so, there's that as well. See you tonight!