Thursday, January 24, 2013

Planning Ahead: Foxygen

Yesterday I did a big ticket round-up post featuring lots of upcoming shows that are worth your time money and attention but last night I realized I need to do one that specifically implores the acquisition of tickets to the Foxygen show at the Mohawk on February 20th. I don't usually like to do a specific show preview a month before the actual show but on February 20th Foxygen play the Mohawk and if you're not there, you're going to kick yourself. Their first full-length LP, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic was released on Tuesday and it's pretty much spectacular.

I'm sure there will be people who listen to the record and feel like the hype is undeserved but I'm totally in love with what Foxygen is throwing down. It's 70's glam-rock with a contemporary twist and if you want to buy the new record on vinyl at a shop around town you can't because it's already sold-out (don't worry I already e-mailed them though.) It's even out of stock on Amazon. They were one of the most buzzed about bands at CMJ Fest in the fall and you can bet your ass they will be one of the most talked about bands at SXSW. The haters will say, I'm only writing about this because Pitchfork did but do you think it's possible that the reason so many blogs agree on some bands is because they're legit?

Foxygen - Shuggie video via YouTube

I feel like a dick structuring this post in this way because Foxygen are not headlining the Mohawk show on February 20th. That honor actually belongs to Unknown Mortal Orchestra, whom I am also a big fan of. However, I feel like UMO might be upstaged on this tour. From everything I've seen/heard/read Foxygen are going to be bringing a lot more energy to the stage than a typical Unknown Mortal Orchestra show but who knows maybe that will inspire them. Regardless, both bands write excellent music and are excellent performers. Did I mention you should REALLY get tickets to this show? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim and Sleep (Like A Shark) video via YouTube