Friday, November 2, 2012

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Nites

One of the (many) great things about FunFunFun Fest is the Nites shows. Lots of festivals do after-shows but generally the admission is a separate ticket and has nothing to do with the main festival other than the bands performing. Well, the folks behind Fx3 are horses of a different color. Not only are the Nites shows free with a Fun Fest wristband, some of the shows aren't just re-hashings of the festival line-up. That's right, there are bands playing the Nites shows who aren't even playing the festival but still fit in perfectly. The Nites festivities officially began last night but I'm going to pick things up from this evening. Below the break you'll find a list of my highlights for the Nites line-up. The festival itself begins in just a few hours, I hope to see you there!

King Tuff - Bad Thing video via YouTube


Yukon Blonde - Stairway video via YouTube


Ramona Falls - Fingerhold video via YouTube


Class Actress - Bienvenue video via YouTube

Also, the official company line is that the only way to get in to these Nites shows is with a FunFunFun Fest wristband. If you only have a day pass, you can only get into the Nites events for that day. HOWEVER, word on the street last night was people without wristbands were able to pay a cover to get into the Thursday evening Nites shows based on capacity. So, your best bet is to buy a Fun Fest pass but if you want to roll the dice on an individual event that's your call.