Thursday, January 5, 2012

Planning Ahead: Spend that Holiday $$$

It's a new month, a new year, new beginnings and you've got all kinds of holiday related debt OR you're flush with holiday cash OR you're a Jehovah's Witness and holiday is just a bangin' Madonna track. Regardless, I thought y'all might want the heads-up on some fantabulous shows that will be in the Austin area coming up in the near or distant future.

First of all, you should know that SXSW is nigh and the sooner (before Jan. 13th) you buy a badge or wristband the cheaper it will be. I know a lot of you just enjoy all of the free side parties and stuff and that's aight. Trust me though, if you just spring for a music wristband it saves you lots of headache with RSVPing, pretending you like Perez Hilton, standing in lines outside of power plants for prima donnas and all that Jazz. In any case, at this point you can only buy badges for SXSW but keep an ear to the street for the sale of the wristbands. For now, check out a song from a band I'm really looking forward to seeing at SXSW 2012 and then look for all of the ticket links after the jump.

North Highlands - Benefits video via YouTube

Alright, you should know the drill by now, this list is not comprehensive and does not represent an endorsement of any show, venue, artist etc. This is merely a list of shows that may or may not interest you, happening here in the Austin area. Click the name of the artist to go to the ticket page, the name of the venue will bring you to the venue's homepage. If the listing has a strike-through it means the show is already sold-out but I wanted to acknowledge my awareness of the event and also make you feel bad about not getting tickets when they were available. Also, I didn't include a lot of highlight-worthy shows from local bands because they (mostly) don't have pre-sale tickets available. If there is anything I have neglected to include...whoops.

Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortis video via YouTube

Twin Sister - Bad Street video via YouTube

Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand video via YouTube

Danny Brown - Greatest Rapper Ever video via YouTube

I Break Horses - Winter Beats video via YouTube