Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ACL Festival Preview: Gardens & Villa

I'm not suggesting that the members of Gardens & Villa have ever smoked pot but I am suggesting that they make lovely, stoner-vibes music. I also know that they hail from sunny California and that these stoner-vibes could also be beach-vibes that I associate with being high. Regardless, their Self-Titled album came out last year and it was one of my favorite releases of 2011. It sounds contemporary while also sounding like the best Talking Heads record that was never made. It's experimental yet still accesible, will melodies that will bore their way into your brain. You will have to get to the park relatively early to catch Gardens & Villa on Saturday. They play the BMI stage at 2pm and I'm not going to lie, this set time will also be featured in my upcoming Conflicts post because they are up against another band I'm a fan of.

Gardens & Villa - Black Hills video via YouTube

This weekend may be your last chance to see Gardens & Villa in Austin for a bit, as I expect they'll be heading back to the studio to record a follow-up record. In other words, you don't want to miss them at ACL Fest on Saturday.