Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swans at La Zona Rosa

I'm not gonna front like I'm some die-hard fan of the band, Swans but I do know that their latest album, The Seer, is catching a lot of buzz. I also know that many of you, who read this site on a regular basis are fans of Swans and would like to hear their newest songs performed live. Well, you're in luck as they will be appearing at La Zona Rosa this Friday night. Tickets are still available and I honestly haven't heard if it's close to selling out or not but based purely on the web-buzz I'd expect it's selling quite well.

Swans - The Seer Returns video via YouTube

If you're planning on grabbing yourself a ticket to the Swans show be sure to arrive in time to catch Xiu Xiu. I feel like they aren't the perfect match for Swans, they're a definitely more avante and keyboard-driven but I also think an audience that's can appreciate Swans will appreciate Xiu Xiu. Their latest record is called Always and you can listen to the title track now on Soundcloud.