Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sold-Out Beach House/The Walkmen Show

I'm always hesitant to preview a sold-out concert since it doesn't really help the sale of tickets. However, I love Beach House and The Walkmen and I don't want y'all to think that I'm unaware of one of the biggest shows of the fall. Also, even if you can't buy tickets anymore, you can still buy Bloom and Heaven.

You may recall that initially this one concert was two concert that were sure to split the attention of hipsters in the greater Austin area but through some amazing circumstance that I am not privy to these bands joined forces making it the hottest ticket it town. I feel bad for Emo's who lost out on booking Beach House and I sort of feel bad for all of us because I'd rather have seen this show at Emo's than Stubb's but that is neither here nor there. Besides, there are advantages to seeing a show at Stubb's, like the early factor. If you were hoping to catch the White Arrows show at Red 7 that will be easily achieved after the Beach House/The Walkmen show.

Beach House - Myth video via YouTube

Now, before I get into this next piece I just want to reinforce how opposed I am to supporting the scalper economy but with that in mind I have some tips for you when it comes to sold-out shows. The first tip is simple, post on your favorite social media client that you are looking for a ticket to the show. Often times people simply buy more tickets than they will actually use and they would rather sell them at face value to a fan than waste the ticket. If this doesn't work, use Twitter's search for the phrases, "Beach House Stubb's," "Beach House Stubbs," "Beach House Austin," "Beach House Walkmen ticket" or other things of that nature. I have used this trick many times to get into sold-out shows. For those of you on the, fuck it I'm wealthy tip, you can spend butt-loads of money on StubHub, which is an idea I ABHOR. You can also try Craigslist, which is another idea I'm not a fan of.

Lastly, if you're feeling ballsy, you can try the trick I used to get into the sold-out Pavement show at Stubb's. You can negotiate with the scalpers. What I did was walk toward the venue with a $20 bill in my hand, when I was approached about a ticket I told the scalper, "I'll give you $20 for it." He told me the ticket costs more than that to which I replied, "You hear that sound? That's Pavement, the show has already started. You can keep the ticket and I can keep the $20 or you can keep the $20 and I can keep the ticket." Needless to say, he took the money. This method is not for everyone and demands a certain look in your face that implies you mean business and you're not willing to negotiate. If you have a look of desperation in your eyes it will never work. Also, you should know that people do sell FAKE TICKETS so don't offer a sum of money you're not willing to spend for nothing.

For those of you who already have tickets, keep in mind this show will start and end early so plan accordingly and if you could be so kind as to SHUT THE FUCK UP while the bands are performing everyone around you would truly appreciate it. We didn't buy tickets to listen to your ignorant ass. With that all said, may I present to you my favorite song from Heaven for you to reverently enjoy.

The Walkmen - The Love You Love video via YouTube