Thursday, August 23, 2012

ACL Festival Late Night Shows

First of all may I say that I find it "intriguing" that ACL Festival has rebranded their aftershows as Late Night Shows. I'm not going to explain that further, either you see what I'm getting at or you don't. Regardless, the pre-sale tickets went on sale to those of you who are on the e-mail list as of yesterday and some of those pre-sales already sold-out. You can find the full line-up of Late Night Shows here but I'm going to highlight the best according to Bloggy after the break.

The Weeknd - The Party & The After Party video via YouTube

As I mentioned above if you want the full line-up click the link above these are just my personal highlights. If you're interested in going to any of these shows click the name of the artist and do it fast because tickets are flying out the proverbial door.

So there you have it, of the 27 Late Night Shows these are the ones that I approve of. Get your tickets now, they should all be on sale this moment. Afghan Whigs is probably already sold-out by the time you finish this sentence even though they went on sale at 10am. Good luck!