Friday, June 1, 2012

Don't Miss the Opener: Bad Veins

Tonight's Two Door Cinema Club show at Stubb's is sold-out. It seems like only yesterday that Two Door Cinema Club were opening a sold-out Stubb's show for Phoenix. Oh, how times have changed. Tonight, I want you to arrive early enough to see, listen, and not talk-through Bad Veins' set. The Cincinnati band is back in Austin with a brand-new album The Mess We've Made, which was released by Austin-label, Modern Outsider. It picks up where the band left off, with indie-power-pop songs full of heartache and triumph. You can listen to it now on Spotify or wait until tonight to hear the songs performed live!

Bad Veins - Dancing on TV video via YouTube

For those of you who go WAAAY back with Austin Bloggy Limits, you may recall that my first ever interview with a band was with Bad Veins when they were touring in support of their last record. Revel in the awkwardness, marvel at the sudden change in visual formatting and generally re-live the past in that, almost, three year old interview here.