Friday, May 25, 2012

Father John Misty at the Mohawk

Photo Credit: Emma Garr

J. Tillman is already an accomplished musician having released a series of solo records under his own name and playing drums for Fleet Foxes for a number of years. Father John Misty is his latest musical project. Fear Fun is not easy to put into any single genre. Like most records released post-iPod it blends influences from classic country, folk, classic rock and traditional pop. Lyrically and thematically Fear Fun borrows from ancient myths and mysticisms with Tillman embracing the notion of Father John Misty as a character persona mask he can wear to express his emotional turmoil. Based on Tillman's very public and venomous reactions to blog reviews of Fear Fun I'd say it's a very personal record. If you want to watch him bare his soul at the Mohawk tomorrow night, you best get yourself a ticket whilst you still can.

Father John Misty - Nancy From Now On video via YouTube

Har Mar Superstar is touring with Father John Misty, which means he'll be back on his home-turf tomorrow night. No, he's not from or based in, Austin but he recorded his upcoming record with Spoon's Jim Eno here and he played every week for a month in April. So, for all intents and purposes the Mohawk's outside stage is like his second home. Expect some partly goofy, partly sexy songs performed with very little clothing from Har Mar's set.