Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pure X at Red 7

One of the many things that brought many of you to Austin is the city's tradition of having a great music scene. Lots of us bloggers, including myself, tend to focus on the touring acts who play one-off shows in small venues here. There's nothing wrong with that except that it ignores the many fantastic local bands who play our city on a regular, or at least semi-regular basis. Pure X is one such band. Some of you may remember them when they were called Pure Ecstasy but that was many moons ago, so I'm presuming that you all know and love Pure X already.

Pure X - Surface video via YouTube

For those of you, who are NOT familiar with Pure X, they put out two of the best local releases last year. Their sound is cold, disaffected, minimalist shoe-gaze with a dash of dream-pop. Is that enough meaningless blog descriptors to convince you to listen to their music? If so, you can listen to their 2011 full-length, Pleasure on Spotify. It's the perfect soundtrack for reading Bret Easton Ellis novels. I mention all of this because I want you to see Pure X at Red 7 tomorrow night. Sure, going downtown on a Friday night is a pain in the ass but it's worth it! Tickets for tomorrow night's show are only $8. That's less than what it cost you to bring your girlfriend to see The Hunger Games last weekend.

Pure X - Easy video via YouTube

Doors open at 9pm at Red 7 and Pure X are headlining with two support acts.