Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thursday Night Shows

Houston psychedelic band, Indian Jewelry are in town tomorrow night. The last time I saw this tuned-in and zoned-out band was at FunFunFun Fest 2010. Their brand of indie-drone is not for everyone but if you like bands that wear/decorate with those foil emergency blankets and you've been known to don 3-D glasses at Austin Psych Fest then you should grab yourself some tickets and head on over to the ND Thursday night.

Indian Jewelry - Guns video via YouTube

Perhaps Indian Jewelry is not your thing? Maybe you've never gotten high before, or you did and they really freaked you out? Well, don't worry big guy Anthony Green is in town on Thursday as well. He's playing a headlining set over at ye olde Mohawk. I suppose you could say that his music also has a psychedelic bent(ish) but it's more really more on the indie-pop tip than the, OMG I can see the notes, sound of Indian Jewelry. Green's latest LP is called, Beautiful Things and you can grab it online, in stores or at tomorrow's show. Speaking of tomorrow's show, $1 from each advance ticket sold will be donated directly to Keep-A-Breast Foundation so, buy them in advance not at the door.

Anthony Green - Get Yours While You Can video via YouTube

If you're having trouble deciding between Anthony Green and Indian Jewelry, I may have a compromise for you. You can catch a free, acoustic, in-store performance from Mr. Green at Waterloo Records tomorrow at 5pm. How do you like that? Best of both worlds.