Monday, February 13, 2012

SXSW 2012 Preview: Boog Brown

Generally, when people think about SXSW music they think about indie-rock. British dudes in skinny jeans smoking hand-rolled cigarettes playing jangly, retro tunes to a crowd of disaffected industry-types. While this image is largely true it excludes a huge swath of artists who also trek to Austin in March to catch some industry ears. That is why today, I am featuring Detroit via Atlanta poet and hip-hop artist, Boog Brown.

Brown collaborated with fellow Detroit-native, Apollo Brown on their 2010 release, Brown City Study. The album is filled with gritty, honest hip-hop production. Brown's vocals remind me of what was once referred to as "Backpack hip-hop, " her flow is effortless and draws the listener to pay attention to the lyrics. If you're a fan of Apani B or Jean Grae then you will definitely be a fan of Boog Brown as well.

Boog Brown - UPs video via YouTube

At SXSW you can expect to find Boog Brown at a showcase hosted by the Mello Music Group and/or Audible Treats. Other than that keep your eyes on Show List Austin, Do512 and SXShhh. You can listen to a lot of music from Boog Brown streaming from various internet sources including Spotify. I'll include all of the Bandcamp streams below.