Monday, January 23, 2012

A Lull with Deleted Scenes

Hey there, come here often? You looking to party? I got you covered, well not literally, you're going to have to buy your own ticket but you should meet me at the Mohawk next Monday night. Me and all the cool kids are going to drink Lone Stars, PBR's and make fun of the other cool kids. We'll also be jamming out to A Lull. You may not recognize that name right now but in a few months when everyone is talking about them you'll be like, "Ugg, I saw them like 3 months ago and now that you like them I'm bored." You might also go for, "Remember 3 months ago when I tried to get you to go see them with me at the Mohawk?!?! Pshaw!" None of this hipster posturing will be possible if you don't make it out to the show though. It is for that reason that I'm posting this today, I want you to have a week's heads-up to get your act together.

A Lull - Some Love video via YouTube

If A Lull wasn't enough awesome music to tempt you, you can also catch Washington D.C.-area band Deleted Scenes playing the support slot. If you didn't catch them last time they played Austin then you're in luck. They put on a great live show with lots of David Lee Roth high kicks. Ok, I made that part up but they really are great musicians and they are a band to watch in 2012 according to this sentence.

Deleted Scenes - Bedbedbedbedbed video via YouTube