Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interview: Twin Sister

Long Island indie-popsters Twin Sister will be here in Austin at the end of the month and tickets are almost sold-out. Normally, I do these preview posts closer to the actual show date but I want you to be at the Mohawk on the 29th so, I'm posting about the show today. Neo-whiteboy-indie-soul group, Ava Luna will be playing the support slot so I encourage you to arrive early and catch both bands because they're both fucking awesome. That's right, I said it.

Ava Luna - Clips video via YouTube

I had the chance to send some questions to Andrea from Twin Sister, which you can find below the break.

Twin Sister - Kimmi In a Rice Field video via YouTube

  • What are some other monikers TWIN SISTER tried out before choosing TWIN SISTER?
  • Vampires, Dreaming Kids
  • If the members of TWIN SISTER were to choose non-musical professions, what might those be?
  • I would work in an Aquarium or be an Art Director.
  • What band names would have decorated your notebooks/lockers/bumpers in High School?
  • Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, Björk, Space Robot Scientists. I think I use to do this a lot more in Middle school and like, the beginning of High School. Then I started tacking up flyers for our local acoustic shows.
  • Did you grow up in a musical house-hold?  If so, what music were/are your parents really into?
  • When I was really little and my parents were still into their early 20s, my father used to play guitar with his friends and my mom was really into dance. So, I had Pink Floyd, Blondie, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Michael Jackson, Salsa, Merengue, Madonna.
  • What are some of your choices for a "guilty pleasure" playlist?
    • Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night"
    • Michelle Branch - "All You Wanted"
    • Ne-Yo - "Closer"
    • Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles"
    • Katy Perry - "Teenage Dream"
    • Vanessa Carlton - "Ordinary Day"
    • Ke$ha - "TiK ToK"
  • What have you been listening to lately?  Do you have any favorite LP's from 2011?
    • Roy Orbison, the "Crying" cassette
    • The Best of Bowie cassette
    • Kate Bush, "The Whole Story" cassette

    I think my favorite from 2011 is Björk's "Biophilia." So far, I haven't been listening to enough new music, just old music. I have to wait until this new music is old.
  • What were some of your favorite films that you saw last year?
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 and The Borrower Arriety
      The Borrower Arriety - Official English Trailer video via YouTube
  • If you were to make the analogy of band as a family,what roles would your various members play?  Who are the parents in the van?
  • Dev is dad that pays the bills and makes sure that the modem is still giving the house internet. I'm (Andrea) the mother I guess, too busy with make up and hair to pay attention to my kids, but I'll still take them to the doctor. Eric is my favorite son, little stinky brat that does everything right and kisses mummy's buns. Bryan is my stoner son, that is locked in his room listening to music, being all creative and having a good time with his friends and stealing mama's liquor! Gabel is a friend of my son, and I'm sleeping with him behind my husband's back.
  • What's the biggest/most common myth about touring?
  • It isn't like a road trip, it's fun and work. I never have enough energy, time or money to really enjoy every place I visit. I still haven't spent more than a few hours in Paris. WTH? If you want to become an alcoholic it's perfect! I hate paying for drinks when I come home.
  • If you could collaborate with any artist(s), in any medium, in any time period, who would it be, when and what would you be working on?
  • 1940s, Walt Disney, Cartoon production cells.

Twin Sister - Bad Street video via YouTube