Wednesday, July 20, 2011

eels Play Stubb's Tonight

Wow, I almost completely forgot that eels are playing Stubb's tonight. Lucky for all of us tickets are still available. I love eels but I haven't spent much time with the TWO albums that, E released last year. In fact I didn't even really realize there were TWO until just this moment. I remember End Times coming out early in the year but I didn't realize that another album came out in the fall, called Tomorrow Morning. Add those to the 2009 album, Hombre Lobo and you've got some pretty prolific writing as of late. I haven't even mentioned the Trilogy EP, which you can download for free, in exchange for your email address:

I have never seen eels perform live so I wouldn't really know what to expect. Will Novacaine For the Soul be the encore song? Or is that pretty much a different band at this point? I know I was a different person when that song was a hit, how about you?

eels - Baby Loves Me video via YouTube

Los Angeles indie-popsters, The Submarines will be playing the support slot for eels tonight. Their latest LP, Love Notes/Letter Bombs came out this spring and is the third full-length from the band. It might be the most immediately accessible release to date. They're not re-inventing the wheel here people, they are just writing some catchy, sugary-sweet indie-pop gems. I fear their music might be a sharp contrast to the often darker themes of eels but perhaps that is the intent?

The Submarines - Fire video via YouTube