Monday, November 14, 2011

Real Estate and Big Troubles at the Parish

Alright y'all, I really can't believe Wednesday night's Real Estate show at the Parish isn't sold-out yet. In fact, pause reading the rest of this and click this link for tickets now because by the time you're done reading they may not be available any more. It's a $13 ticket, the show is at one of the best venues in the city and Real Estate are touring in support of their best material to date. Granted, it's only their second album but Days is light-years ahead in terms of production value and the song-craft is as good as its ever been, which is to say pretty great. Don't get it twisted, I love the first album from Real Estate, their songs always sounds so classic but I think this latest release is just the perfect follow-up. The songs are more focused, the production is slicker without losing the do-it-yourself aesthetic and overall it's just very shiny and lovely. Hence my surprise that the show isn't sold-out.

Real Estate - It's Real video via YouTube

Once you have secured your tickets for Wednesday night's show at the Parish be sure you arrive early enough to catch, support act, Big Troubles. Their album Romantic Comedy is out now and features 10, beautifully written, songs that make me think of 90's-era college-rock, great brit-pop and jangly-indie-rock. There are sing along choruses, beachy guitar sounds and a youthful, disaffected love-lorn vibe permeates the album as a whole. The, limited edition, red vinyl release of the album is sold-out on the Slumberland Records site but I'm guessing they'll have it with them at the merch table Wednesday night, so bring some cash vinyl-junkies. I've taken the liberty of embedding Big Troubles's album in this post so you can get an idea of what you'll be listening to. I feel like they are the perfect support act for Real Estate. This is looking to be a really great show.

Big Troubles - Sad Girls - video via YouTube