Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great Wednesday Shows

It's hard to imagine going out to see a show after spending 3 days at Fun Fun Fun Fest but you know what y'all? I'm going to do the hard thing and go drink cheap beer while listening to bad-ass live music. Keep me in your thoughts. No, but seriously there are a lot of really fantastic musical outfits playing downtown this evening. Personally, I know I'm going to be at the Phantogram show at the Mohawk. Sadly, if you don't have tickets you can't get through the door because this show is sold-the-fuck-out. Should I tell you how great this, upstate New York, band's latest album is or would that just depress you? I guess, technically Nightlife is a 6-song EP not an album but you should check it out whether you can make it out tonight or not. It's on Spotify if you want to hear it before buying it. You can also download a couple of Mp3's over at the Barsuk Records site.

Phantogram - When I'm Small video via YouTube

Some of you may recall the band opening for Phantogram from their set at Austin City Limits Festival. They take their name from the Rugrats favorite cartoon character Reptar. They have an EP out right now on Vagrant Records ridiculously tittled, Oblangle Fizz Y'all. As you've probably surmised this band takes themselves VERY seriously so not talking or smiling during their set. Obviously, I kid their music is fun, energetic and kind of reminds me of 80's band Was Not Was. How's that for an obscure musical reference? Since tonight's show is an outdoor event you can expect Reptar to go on around 8:00pm.

Reptar - Rainbounce video via YouTube

Let's move onto non-sold-the-fuck-out shows shall we? Our old pals from Detroit, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. are back in Austin this week. They played Stubb's inside stage last night, they will do so again tonight but you can also catch a free in-store performance from them at Waterloo Records. Then, tomorrow night, the guys from Dale Jr. Jr. will be hosting a screening of Jurassic Park at, the much beloved, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz. I already scored by tickets for that screening and you should too.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Simple Girl video via YouTube

Speaking of Stubb's, Modest Mouse are playing for their second night in a row and would you believe the show is sold-out? Do people really love Modest Mouse enough for them to play Stubb's two nights in a row? Do you know the name of their latest album or when it came out? I really thought their moment was over as soon as they signed to a major label. I bet at least one of you is reading this thinking what a bastard I am and you're ready to proclaim your undying affection for all things Isaac Brock. Well, that's lovely that you're still a huge fan and apparently there are enough people in Austin who feel strongly enough to buy $38 tickets to see Brock and co. at Stubb's for two nights in a row. If they still play Neverending Math Equation and/or All Night Diner then I'm with you in spirit but I'm guessing the sets are heavy on whatever their newest record is called. Seems like the last new one came up in March of 2007 and is called We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. Can that be right? Are they touring in support of a 4 year old record? Oh, I guess they actually did release an EP post-2007. Can you feel all of the meh oozing from this paragraph?

Modest Mouse - Neverending Math Equation video via YouTube

On the opposite end of the Modest Mouse spectrum you'll find Austin-based folk-pop group, Wild Child. They play Antone's tonight in support of their record, Pillow Talk. I encourage you to keep an eye on WIld Child, their songs have mass appeal and they put on a great live show. Don't believe me? Watch the performance I've posted below and listen to their album embedded below that.

WIld Child - SIlly Things video via YouTube

Pillow Talk (full album available now) by WildChildSounds