Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FunFunFun Fest Preview: Big Freedia

If you STILL haven't been a part of the live Big Freedia experience then you are definitely missing out. Austin and Big Freedia have had an ongoing love affair for a few years now. My most memorable experience with the ass-travaganza that is a live Big Freedia show was, actually, at last year's FunFunFun Fest. No words, music videos or listens on C.D. could ever prepare a person for the sort of ass-induced chaos that will explode when Big Freedia takes the stage. There will be people on every visible surface with their backs to you shaking their asses in the most pornographically, rhythmic fashion you can imagine. There will be boys, girls, transgendered folks, professional dancers and fans on stage, side stage, on the sound monitors on the speak stacks and all through the crowd making their ass cheeks do things that you've only heard about.

Big Freedia - Get Back video via YouTube

If you can read this, then you need to be inside the Mohawk Friday night to experience the Fun Fest Nites after-party with Big Freedia. That room is going to explode with energy, people are going to be packed in ridiculously tight, then the booty-shakin's gonna begin. It promises to be the kind of experience you don't tell your grand-kids about but kind of wish you could. Each time I see a Big Freedia performance my face hurts from smiling so big. Keep in mind, her sets demand participation for maximum enjoyment, so put on your sequence-covered booty shorts and leave your shame and hesitation outside.

Big Freedia - Excuse video via YouTube

At Fun Fest itself, you'll find Big Freedia on the Blue stage. Her set starts at 6:05pm, right before Spank Rock, with whom she has a new song. I'm sure you can expect some guesting in one or both of those sets.

Spank Rock featuring Big Freedia - Nasty video via YouTube