Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Junior Boys at the Mohawk

Canadian, electro-dance dudes, Junior Boys will rock your pants off before 10:30pm at the Mohawk tonight. I know it's only Tuesday but what that really means is you can park downtown without feeding the stupid parking meters and most of the brainless, pre-alcoholic neanderthals who roam downtown on the weekends are stuck on campus. In other words, it's your town baby and Junior Boys are providing the soundtrack. Their latest album, out on Domino is called It's All True and it's full of the big, fun, hooky, undeniable beats you've come to expect from Junior Boys. The first (9+ minute) single from the album, Banana Ripple has had Mr. S. dancing at his desk for months and if you're reading this at work it will have you doing the same. If you want to desk-dance away from the office, you can still get tickets to tonight's show for less than $15.

Junior Boys - Banana Ripple video via YouTube

As I mentioned above, since tonight's show at the Mohawk takes place on the outside stage, Junior Boys have to be done around 10:00pm. The doors open at 6:30pm so, make sure you arrive early. Toronto-based producer, Egyptrixx will be starting things off and if those crazy kids over at XLR8R magazine have their way, you'll be there with bells on.

Egyptrixx - Chrysalis Records featuring Trust video via YouTube

Oh, and since you're already going to be downtown with a parking space and all that and since the Junior Boys are done around 10pm, you might as well head down the street to Barbarella and keep the party going at Tuezgayz. It's a total fabrication on my part but I bet the Junior Boys will be there to dance!