Thursday, August 11, 2011

Theophilus London at Lustre Pearl

Theophilus London is playing a free, invite-only kinda show next week in Austin to kick off, Special Engagements by Noisey. The series will debut on August 20th at the Lustre Pearl and be the first of a 7 month series which will travel to the U.K., Germany, China, Brazil and France before returning to the U.S.. The Special Engagements series, presented by Dell and Intel, is a highly-interactive experience. Fans will determine, which exclusive remix Theophilus London debuts during his set; send in visual interpretations of his album, Timez Are Weird These Days, to accompany the performance; submit for shout-outs; and even decide the shirt he wears on stage. Leading up to the debut event in Austin you, the audience, will determine factors of the performance via polling widgets, Twitter and Facebook. If YOU want to attend this free show on August 20th, there are two ways to do it. The first is just head over to the Facebook page linked above and enter for a chance to win. I'll tell you how ELSE you can get on the list below the break.

Theophilus London - Girls Girls $ video via YouTube

Your other shot for getting an invite to this party, is to pay attention to the Bloggy Facebook and/or Bloggy Twitter tomorrow. I'll be putting one name on the guestlist with a +1 by tomorrow afternoon. Just "Like" the status update tomorrow and/or retweet it. It will be posted Friday morning before 7am and you'll have ALL DAY to do this. The winner will be chosen at random by Miss Paws, Bloggy's official cat and contest winner chooser. If you win you will be sent a message on either Facebook or Twitter. I will also post when the winner has been chosen so you know if you haven't won *sad face*.

Theophilus London - Last Name London video via YouTube