Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Electric Touch at the Mohawk

Our friends are throwing a party at the Mohawk tonight with bands and stuff. Given that tonight is the solstice, chances are, the sun will still be up when the doors open at 8pm. How crazy is that? So, move your pagan rituals to the outside area at the Mohawk and enjoy some local, live music while you sacrifice that virgin. Then, when you're through you can grab an ice-cold Lone Star.

Tonight's party is presented by our brethren of the blog over at Ultra 8201 and the great purveyors of party over at From_The_Mind_of_Adi. In my experience these people don't know how to have an unsuccessful event so if you don't have specific solstice plans in mind you should shell out $5 and enjoy.

Electric Touch - Magnetic video via YouTube

As noted on the poster above tonight's music will be provided by Electric Touch, The Boxing Lesson and Michelle Armstrong. If you're not a fan of one of these artists fear not, some asshole will be talking through the entire performance so you can just listen to that instead. OR, maybe YOU could be that asshole? Perhaps you recently saw a movie that you'd like to discuss while the bands are performing? Or maybe you saw these bands in the past and you want to discuss that while they are performing? Of course, I am kidding. The staff of Austin Bloggy Limits impolitely requests that you SHUT THE FUCK UP while any and all bands are performing at any and all events. We reserve the right to throw a drink on you if you persist in your inane chatter while we're trying to enjoy a musical performance. Thank you.

The Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog video via YouTube