Friday, March 25, 2011

Destroyer to Play Mohawk Tonight

So, who's up for some European-style blues, indie-rock with shoe-gaze influences?!?! Did I mention it's Canadian? Well if that description didn't make you want to shell out some cash to see Destroyer at the Mohawk tonight, then you should probably lose my number. I know, you went out a lot last week because of SXSW but that totally doesn't count because Austin is a foreign-land during SXSW. All of the prices are back to normal and the chief misses you at the 'Hawk. Not to mention, even though my description of Destroyer's sound was, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek they're effing awesome and you need to hear them perform. In this blogger's opinion, Destroyer's principle songwriter, Dan Bejar, is one of the greatest indie songwriters or our generation. His lyrics are so weird and cryptic yet, somehow, full of truth and he manages to write these hooks that become instant ear-worms. Also, I was hesitant to include this truth but in addition to being the principle songwriter for Destroyer, Dan Bejar is also a contributing member of the Canadian super-group The New Pornographers. I figure most of you already knew this but for those who didn't now you know. Also, I'm not sure if it's STILL true but one incarnation of Destroyer had Canadian band, Frog Eyes playing back-up. Spencer Krug of Frog Eyes went on to join Wolf Parade. How do you like that Canadian-indie-rock full circle of justice? Those Canadians, are so effing collaborative!

Destroyer - Kaputt video via YouTube

If you want to see Destroyer at the Mohawk tonight, you better shell out your $14 bucks for a ticket as soon as humanly possible. I can, pretty much, guarantee this show will sell-out before the doors open. Even my friends who don't go to concerts were talking about it today. Also, I may have mentioned this before but the 'Hawk has a minimum credit card charge but if you use Tabbed Out you can circumvent that. Just throwing that out there.

Destroyer - Hey, Snow White video via YouTube

Opening for Destroyer on the Mohawk's outside stage tonight will be, highly google-able band, The War on Drugs. I know it's tough to convey via words on the internet but that was sarcasm. It's like indie bands don't want you to know about them or find their web presence these days. Maybe that's the cool thing to do. Looking at you Weekends amongst a bevy of others!

The War on Drugs - Needle In Your Eye video via YouTube