Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Marnie Stern at the Mohawk Tonight!

As February starts to wind-down and March approaches it's hard to focus on anything other than SXSW but guess what y'all? There are still good shows happening in town before Austin is invaded by indie-rock! For instance, there are still tickets available for tonight's Marnie Stern show at the Mohawk. The tickets will set you back a cool $10 but Lone Stars are cheap once you're in the door. Marnie and co. go on at midnight so if you have to work tonight you can probably still catch her set. For those of you who've complained that there aren't any kick-ass female rockers any more clearly haven't been paying attention.

Marnie Stern - Transformer video via YouTube

Taking the 11pm set time, right before Marnie Stern tonight, will be Tera Melos. This Sacramento 3-piece is known for having an eclectic style borrowing bits and pieces from many genres of music to create their own blend of "experimental rock". In other words, their music is hard to dance to and this band is probably more clever than your mustache is so be prepared to be humbled by their musicianship.

Tera Melos - The Skin Surf video via YouTube

Starting things off tonight will be Zorch a band who claims to play, "Electronic Space-Jazz". To which, I respond, "Finally! An electronic space-jazz band that isn't pretentious!"

Zorch - Art Vandelay video via YouTube

Doors open at 9p tonight, music starts at 10p. Also, if you haven't tried Tabbed Out yet it's a good way to circumvent the Mohawk's $10 minimum credit card charge. You're welcome.