Monday, March 15, 2010

SXSW 2010 Preview (Locals Only): Sunset

For those of you, who read this site with any frequency you already know I'm a big fan of Sunset but if you're from out of town and you've never read this site before you should close your computer and head to the Mohawk right now! That's right, you can catch Sunset at the ATX Emerge show tonight. They'll be hitting the inside stage after midnight. Bill Baird the man behind the name Sunset is like a living Smithsonian of music. He wears his influences proudly on his sleave, enticing you to dig deeper into all of the genres and sub-genres he references through his music. What this means to you, as a listener, is that with each album you could be getting a sound that is vastly different from the sound of the last album. I'm a fan of melodies however they come and Bill Baird's got those by the fistful check out their latest LP Gold Dissolves to Gray if you buy the 180 gram LP pressing it comes with a CD, the future is now.

Sunset - Fishtown video via YouTube
Find out when and where you can and will see Sunset during SXSW after the jump...

Here's the listings for when and where you can and should see Sunset thanks to Do512 for gathering all of this information that I simply re-post.

Tue 03/16 @ Ghost Room *official SXSWi*
Tue 03/16 @ Beauty Bar *Free RSVP*
Wed 03/17 @ 3714 Werner Ave *House Party*
Thu 03/18 @ Side Bar *Free*
Sat 03/20 @ Baby Blue Recording Studio *Free*

By the way, I bought my copy of Gold Dissolves to Gray over at End of an Ear and I'd encourage you to do the same. Remember neighborhood record shops? Yeah, we still have those in Austin. Jealous? You should be.

Sunset - I'm Not a Perfect Person (Looks Like I F*cked Up Again) video via YouTube

You might want to check out this YouTube channel cause Bill Baird makes almost as many videos as he makes songs. Not really, he makes TONS of songs and lots of videos. Here's just one more song to wet your appetites.

Sunset - Zombie video via YouTube