Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Show at le Scoot Tomorrow

Those of you who know me, know I love free stuff and I'm guessing that you feel the same way. It's with that spirit of gratis that I offer you this RSVP link to see Shapes Have Fangs at the Scoot Inn. The show is sponsored by Sailor Jerry's spiced rum, so who knows maybe the entry fee won't be the only free-ness you experience at the show? If you've never seen Shapes Have Fangs you can expect some jangly, Nuggets-style psychedelic rock 'n roll. You might even stash them in the same bin with another great Austin band, the Strange Boys but maybe with a LITTLE less reverb. Just a little less though.

Shapes Have Fangs - the Desert video via YouTube

Joining Shapes Have Fangs on the bill will be more psychedlic rock from another Austin band in the form of Rayon Beach. I wouldn't put them in the same grouping as Shapes Have Fangs simply because they don't sound as retro to me. Their sound has more sampling, layering and the like. It's not a big leap though from one band to the other, you're definitely going to get your Psych on at the Scoot Wednesday night.

Rayon Beach - Memory Teeth video via YouTube

Bad Sports are traveling down from Denton to play tomorrow night's show. They use lots of reverb on the vocals and their sound is retro but I wouldn't, necessarily, call it psych-rock. To me it has too much chugga-chugga guitar to be psych-rock. It's kind of like if the Donnas were dudes who liked reverby vocals. The Ramones? We'll let you decide!

Bad Sports - All the Time video via YouTube

So, if you want to go out on a Wednesday night and let's face it, you do, don't forget to RSVP at the top of this post and head on over to the Scoot Inn.