Friday, September 3, 2010

Jimmy Edgar in Austin Tomorrow Night

My homegirl the Glitoris has teamed up with those dashing folks over at Learning Secrets to bring Jimmy Edgar to our fair city. If you hurry on over to the official home of the Glitoris you can enter a contest to win free entry to the show! You best be hurrying though, the deadline for entries is in less than 3 hours (5pm Fri CST). In addition to entering the contest make sure you hurry-up and RSVP to get $7 entry. Those of you who don't RSVP will be paying $10 at the door. Did I mention there is also free Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka while supplies last? Not to mention $1 PBR's, so you can be a budget-baller, we all know you just wrote a hot check for rent and you need to watch your expenditures, but trust me this show is worth it. All this goes down Saturday night at Austin's Beauty Bar. I'd show up around 10ish if you want some of that free vodka. Chances are it will run out quickly, so don't be a straggler...or a stranger for that matter.

Jimmy Edgar - Turn You Inside Out video via YouTube

You can also download the latest single from J. Edgar over at his official site, fo free! The song is, appropriately titled, Hot, Raw Sex and comes from Edgar's latest LP, XXX.

Jimmy Edgar - New Touch video via YouTube

When you hit Beauty Bar tomorrow, make sure to inquire with the Glitoris about mussy rentals/rides. :-)