Monday, September 13, 2010

Japanther at Chain Drive

I gotta tell you folks, I am quite intrigued by this listing for the Japanther show at Chain Drive on Wednesday night. I remember Chain Drive used to have punk shows quite regularly and then it became something that just happened during SXSW. If you're not familiar, Chain Drive is a gay bar but not just any gay bar. It's what one might call a "bear & leather" bar. It's not unusual to see a man, who looks like an off-duty Santa Claus wearing a leather thong and chaps at the CD.

Japanther - Radical Businessman video via YouTube

It should also be mentioned that the Cowabunga Babes are on this same bill, which might mark the first time women will be inside the Chain Drive. I'm not sure where they set bands up in there. That should be interesting as well. If the show is inside the bar takes up most of the space in one area, not to mention it's incredibly dark.

Cowabunga Babes - Hot Babez video via YouTube

We're already intrigued with the space itself for this concert, and the fact that women will be there is of note but the other intriguing element is the inclusion of Best Fwends on the bill. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan, but talk about a genre-hopping set of artists.

Best Fwends - Smooth Jazz Blanket video via YouTube

Oh yeah, one last helpful bit of info regarding the Chain Drive the drinks are cheap and strong but you get faster/better service with cash than credit. Although, I suppose that last part is almost always true at bars. Still, you should keep it in mind. Show up with a $20 for drinks and you should be covered, with money left-over.