Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wed. Night via Nepotism

Whatcha up to? Going out tonight? Hitting the downtown scene with the scene kids? Trying to be seen? No? Well, then this post isn't for you. This post is for my downtown on a Wednesday night kind of people. My people who work in the morning but still wanna see When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth play the Mohawk's inside stage tonight. My people who are ok with the fact that the show won't end 'till 2am. Maybe I should digress at this point before I've convinced all of us to stay home and make love to the DVR.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth - Selected for Jerry Duty video via YouTube

Or hey, you know what? If "doom-rock" isn't really what you're down with, the Glitoris is taking 4th street to Church and tonight is the inaugaral throw-down. Dress up for Church at Oil Can Harry's tonight and listen as their sound system makes noises it has NEVER made before. There are rumblings of a red wine special via faux-eucharist. Going too far? You decide!

the Glitoris - Church at OCH video via YouTube.

So, you don't want doom-rock or electro-homo dance party at a gay bar? What's wrong with you? Well, don't worry I have your back. Bloggy-favs, TV Torso are playing a tour-kickoff show tonight on Emo's inside stage. If you're reading this "from away" then make sure you click the band's name, above, to see if they'll be hitting your town.

TV Torso - Days of Being Wild video via YouTube

Remember that CD of Matisyahu live at Stubb's? Well, he's doing a live sequel tonight. I feel like tickets will be available for last-minute purchase but mayhaps me underestimates the draw of Matisyahu? Mayhaps indeed.

Matisyahu - Live at Stubb's Vol. 2 video via YouTube

So, that's what I may or may not be up to tonight. Perhaps I'll see you on the Night Owl bus?