Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quiet Company + Oh No! Oh My! = Bloggy Love

Whatcha doin' Friday? I'll tell you what you SHOULD be doing. You should be checking out TWO of Bloggy's favorite Austin indie-pop bands splitting a bill at Ghost Room. I have only seen a couple of shows at Ghost Room but I really like their set-up. It's an intimate room with good acoustics and a very decent sound rig. There's also an area for lazy people (like me) to sit and still see the band quite well. My homeslices at Quiet Company will be playing the headlining slot but make sure you show up early enough to catch Oh No! Oh My! as well. Both of these bands make me ponder why they're not more famous by now. They both write beautiful, accessible, indie-pop songs that will appeal to a large audience they just need to hit the right ears.

Quiet Company - It's Better To Spend Money Like There's No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There's No Money video via YouTube

It looks like Oh No! Oh My! go on at 11:00p with Quiet Company doing their thing around midnight. Might I mention, I appreciate that Ghost Room lists set times rather than just telling us when the doors open. People like me, who try to go to more than one show a night when they're downtown need to know when the bands go on. I suppose most venues prefer you hang out and spend money on marked-up liquor while you wait for the band you want to see and I can't blame them for that. They gots to earn a living too.

There doesn't seem to be a legit video for I Painted Your House but I really want you guys to hear it, so I'm going to post this faux-video instead.

Oh No! Oh My! - I Painted Your House video via YouTube

By the way, Quiet Company has lots of cool videos on their official site that you might want to check out. They just released a beautiful EP of love songs called, Songs For Staying In and there are videos for each of the tracks so you can preview before purchasing.

Speaking of EP's I really hope Oh No! Oh My! has a new EP for me to buy. I've pretty much worn out my copy of Dmitrij Dmitrij.

By the way if you're reading this Quiet Company and I know you are, will you please upload ONE of your new videos to YouTube, that's my preferred way to embed video. My computer hates Vimeo. Although the next video of yours I embed will be one that I shoot myself at the Ghost Room. In the meantime, for those of you who aren't in Quiet Company, you can check out Nakia covering my favorite track from the Songs For Staying In EP below.

Quiet Company - Jezebel video via YouTube